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Alex Lockheed

La Petit Mort - poem


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Remembering Miles


The Clint Folsom erotic gay murder mystery series.

Habu reports that he enjoyed writing this series. His premise was a no-holds-barred treatment of an unabashedly promiscuous, laid-back, “good-guy” homicide cop with movie-star looks .


(Clint's) love of being ‘topped’ is so ingrained within his being that each sex act is with an abandon and longing that makes men ‘feel like kings’. If you weren’t a ‘sub’ before, you would wish to be one by the end of the book. Once I finished reading it, I rushed to buy the rest of the Clint Folsom series. Hot Stuff!  

From a review by Kpasa








Sounding is probably the most intimate and dominating sex act one man can perform on another, one that is so intimate and extreme that it is only rarely written about. Sounding is a BDSM fetish of domination, trust, and control. One slip of the sounding wand and a man can be ruined. Few engage in the activity, but those who do know that it can provide them with ultimate arousal and satisfaction.

Just out in Paperback RRP $12.95

Sounding bundle containing both  "Dark Angel Sounding" and "Sounding Five"


Experiencing Sounding 

I like to write edgy gay male stories, but I’d never even heard of the act of sounding, the sexual fetish practice of penetrating the male penises’ urethra canal at depth with a progression of metal rods, called wands, to produce sexual pleasure and ejaculation, before someone remarked on a gay story site that they had trouble finding such stories. I looked the term up and was both intrigued and shocked, wanting to include that in a story but having no context I could put it in. I usually write from the emotions and personal experience, and I didn’t think I could do justice to the depiction of sounding in a story without having had the experience myself. I mentioned that to my steady male lover at the time, and to my surprise, he said he had experienced it, both as a solo experience and with another man administering it, and could link me with someone who would give me the experience as well. I left it at that for a couple of weeks, afraid to pursue the issue, but my muse increasingly pressed me to write about sounding, and I had been challenged to do so.

The man I was hooked up with impressed on me that the key to sounding was that I give up total control to the administering partner if I wasn’t practicing it as a solo act and that I remain absolutely still through the experience so that no internal damage was done. I told him I was worried about giving up full control, and his answer was that that was the whole point of one man sounding another. I would have to be submissive to his every command. I was sounded with two of the smallest silver metal wands in a set graduated by thickness, the smallest to help open the urethra canal and the second to move back and forth slowly and rotate in a motion replicating fucking, to produce pleasure and ejaculation. I was told that I didn’t have to hold off ejaculation while a wand was inside the canal, but that if I waited for the wand to be extracted, the experience of ejaculation would be explosive and I could jerk my body freely—and probably would want to. During the process, I was repeatedly told to relax, hold still, and breathe naturally as the wands were inserted and slowly pumped and twirled. The ejaculation was extraordinary.

I didn’t continue with the practice of sounding—either with an administering partner or solo— as I was more afraid of the control aspects of it than of the physical act. From experiencing it, however, I felt able to write stories about sounding. My first effort was Dark Angel Sounding, which has become my gay male best-seller—and probably my most controversial work—and which, my having had the experience, permitted me to write the sexual act as one of domination, submission, and total trust—and as medically safe if done properly. It remains for me a “darker fetish,” and I usually write it that way in my stories.



For more information on sounding you can read this



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