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Alex Lockheed

La Petit Mort - poem


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Remembering Miles


The Clint Folsom erotic gay murder mystery series.

Habu reports that he enjoyed writing this series. His premise was a no-holds-barred treatment of an unabashedly promiscuous, laid-back, “good-guy” homicide cop with movie-star looks .


(Clint's) love of being ‘topped’ is so ingrained within his being that each sex act is with an abandon and longing that makes men ‘feel like kings’. If you weren’t a ‘sub’ before, you would wish to be one by the end of the book. Once I finished reading it, I rushed to buy the rest of the Clint Folsom series. Hot Stuff!  

From a review by Kpasa




All of the illustrations on this site were drawn by Ynal, and all of the illustrations he has done inspired by the stories of habu and Sabb are shown here, including the illustrations that are also used in the illustrated stories.

Click on a thumbnail to go to the large image. Click on story name to read story.


Cairo Surrender by habu 



Platres Conclave by habu

Prophecy of Noto by Dirk Hessian



AttheGYM.jpg (90606 bytes)  CoachHazard_thebeginning.jpg (93088 bytes)  CoachHazard'sfinishingschool2 medium.jpg (37551 bytes)                      

Book - Hard Knocks U - story - Coach Hazard's Finishing School 

Saunagetshotter.jpg (86559 bytes)  SaunaaffairwithEgyptianandIsraili.jpg (95090 bytes)                                  GettingReady!!.jpg (37309 bytes)  CabinBoy.jpg (91380 bytes)         

Book - Flying High - stories - First Threesome & Ethiopian Cabin Boy

honey Hollow 1.jpg (99946 bytes)                                                                                                 Vampirelacours.jpg (70603 bytes)

Book - Across the Threshold - story - Honey Hollow Swimming Hole     Story - Friday in Belgium

ritual.jpg (99151 bytes)   theBull.jpg (125704 bytes)                                                Bulled.jpg (62621 bytes)        

Book - Dance of the Ravishers -  Ch 1       Story -  Bulled

looseningtheropy.jpg (98514 bytes)    looseningtherapy 1 final.jpg (104081 bytes)           BrazilianSoccerteam2.jpg (73535 bytes)

Story - Loosening Therapy                Story - Brazilian Soccer Team Balling

Artwork inspired by Konan, in the book Barbarian Tales - Book 1

meeting the barbarian.jpg (78643 bytes)   the Barbarian and donkey.jpg (46899 bytes)   Barbarian 2.jpg (41998 bytes)               Barbarian cont..jpg (59209 bytes)

I Meet a Barbarian                                                                                      Barbarian Surprise

Other Barbarian Pictures. 

Barberian 4.jpg (39960 bytes)  barbarian3.jpg (38336 bytes)  AchillesandHercules.jpg (65207 bytes)

Other erotic artwork

interval.jpg (47599 bytes)  Satyrs & Sprites 32.jpg (115929 bytes)  Two men sketch.jpg (45267 bytes)  



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