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Alex Lockheed

La Petit Mort - poem


Home to Fire Island review by Emma


Remembering Miles


The Clint Folsom erotic gay murder mystery series.

Habu reports that he enjoyed writing this series. His premise was a no-holds-barred treatment of an unabashedly promiscuous, laid-back, “good-guy” homicide cop with movie-star looks .


(Clint's) love of being ‘topped’ is so ingrained within his being that each sex act is with an abandon and longing that makes men ‘feel like kings’. If you weren’t a ‘sub’ before, you would wish to be one by the end of the book. Once I finished reading it, I rushed to buy the rest of the Clint Folsom series. Hot Stuff!  

From a review by Kpasa





Reviews 2014

Fifty Seventy - A B Gayle

Spy Tales 001 - A B Gayle

Reveiws 2012

Reviews 2011

Reviews 2010

Spy Candy - Dark Divas 

Silas's Choice - Dark Divas

And Spoil the Child - Feb, 2010 -

Rainbow Reviews "[T]he screen all but burst into flame as the action went into high gear."

Manic Readers Reviews "W o doesn’t like the idea of finally getting that professor you have always wanted?... If you want a story that delivers lust and passion without slowing down, then this book is definitely for you. The characters are likeable, each one adding their own twist into the story so that everything ties together. Habu is a very expressive and talented author and won’t let readers down.

Erotica and Romance Books Examiner "From the opening page until the end, these males all want one thing and will stop at nothing to achieve it…Extremely explicit and erotic, when reading you will know you are getting a truly naughty tale. Do not let this one pass you by." Read Full Review Here

Seriously Reveiwed The story has a nice pace, lots of hot sex and a variety of characters. I was dropped into the heat of the story and the intensity never let up. Wickedly good and easy to recommend. Read Full Review Here

Ménage - 12 Sept, 2009 - Manic Readers

There are pieces that explore multiple men with one woman and multiple women with one man and just about every possible permutation in between and beyond that. In each excerpt the sex is more than hot and the variations are amazing—just when you think you've read it all the next snippet is there to broaden your boundary even further. Nothing is taboo (nor unexplored!) in Ménage. Read Full Review Here

Blue Roses Tattoo - July, 2009 - Manic Readers

Very strong language, the small town appeal and engaging characters made Blue Roses Tattoo a fun story to read. Read Full Review Here

Blue Roses Tattoo - 20 July, 2009 - Dark Diva's Reviews

This story was very fast paced and I could totally relate with the main character, Laurie. I do believe every woman or man has a period in their lives where they feel like there is something missing. With Laurie’s determination to change this existence with an unexpected meeting with Hank, I couldn’t help but admire her for taking the chance. Read More

On The Net  - 5 July, 2009 - Rainbow Reviews

My second favorite story was "The Chance Cafe" where the hook-ups are safe because they are over the computer, unless you read the fine print. You'll need a fan to read that one. In fact, it was my favorite story until I read the last one in the book, which made me laugh out loud, since it involves the famous Konan the Barbarian, habu's writing partner Saab's alter ego. If you read these two authors, the way to describe it best is as an inside joke.

Menage - 5 July, 2009 - Rainbow Reviews

Are you interested in menage? Does the idea of more than one sexual partner titillate you? Does reading explicit sex leave you hot under the collar? In that case, habu has done you a great favor in collecting this grouping of stories, all of which explore multiple-partner sex. This is flat-out erotica . . .

Dance of The Ravishers - June 7, 2009 - Rainbow Reviews

That night it turns out Beau is to be not just an observer of the ritual, but a participant as well. Other men might be frightened of this, but Beau welcomes the rough treatment and wild sex. On top of sex with the Mitsagusi youths, it seems the other members of the expedition camp are just as anxious for rough, and frequent, sex and Beau finds he is never left wanting. But when Dr. Emory finds out about his sexual escapades, his position in the camp may soon be coming to an end.

Dance of the Ravishers, like many of habu's stories, is quite a bit over the top and not realistic in any way, but it is sexually charged from start to finish, a wild ride of continuous sexual release. In no way is this a romance, but it never claims to be. It is highly graphic, quite a bit rough, and if the character of Beau was real, he would be permanently bowlegged.  Reviewed by Emily

Blue Roses Tattoo - Manic Readers - May 2009

At times exotic and heartfelt, Blue Roses Tattoo is an overall well written contemporary erotic romance. Short, sweet and to the point, I wasn't left feeling like the story dragged on or like the characters were trying to force the romance between them. Laurie is a sweet, small town girl craving more from her partner. Her current man is totally lacking in all departments. The sexy stranger she encounters in the diner definitely remedies the situation. Very strong language, the small town appeal and engaging characters made Blue Roses Tattoo a fun story to read.  Reviewed by Amanda

Cruising Through History - May 10, 2009, - Rainbow Reviews


It's history they way they don't teach it in school, with lots of lovely large cocks and the sure knowledge that someone is going to get a fine fucking in the next few pages.  . . . 

It's a fun and interesting read, a rather different view of things, for sure.  . . . each story gives us a riveting look at those episodes in history that never made the History Channel. As always with habu, the caliber of the stories is consistent, but my favorite was Dagger Through the Moon because not only was it sexy, but it had a certain dry wit. I also especially liked Colonel's Treasure, where the hero was willing to give all, and I do mean all, for his colonel and country.  . . .  Reviewed by Carol

Bitten Peach - April 19, 2009 - Rainbow Reviews

Bitten Peach is at once both a fascinating cross-cultural sensual experience and a guilty pleasure. Author habu draws on a rich and fascinating set of hidden traditions from China and Japan, offering a glimpse into a unique, forbidden world. Enjoyable as this glimpse is, one might feel guilty for getting such enjoyment from the anthology's young, beautiful heroes, many of whom enter into some form of prostitution, as the blurb says, "some more freely than others." The eleven stories in this anthology portray a full range of human emotions, and some end much more happily than others. All are delightfully explicit, and all will satisfy on some level.

Reviewed by ErinSchmidt

Deal Closer  

April 06 - Rainbow Reviews

This is not a romance. But then it never claimed to be. "Unabashed' is a good description. Almost from the opening page to the closing paragraphs, we see men having sex in an eye-opening number of combinations and positions.

British Bull Dog

February 23 - Manic Readers 

Habu has written a highly erotic and interesting story about a young man gaining confidence and respect for himself and his self-worth. . . . if you’re looking for a highly erotic and steamy book with a hint of character and plot, Deal Closer certainly delivers. 


Flying High - Jan 04 -  Rainbow Reviews

This well-written memoir of illicit bliss will arouse and titillate you. It is rather like reading just the sexy bits of a historical novel. You can read this book as erotica (it’s hot!) or you can read it as history (it’s thought provoking, to say the least). The poignancy of the young man in the beginning of the book contrasts with the power of the older man at the end, and leaves the reader both thoughtful and enlightened.

Reviewed by Carole

Raven Possession  - 3 great reviews for this sweeping, historical Menage novel

- Jan 04, 2009 Rainbow Reviews

Raven Possession is definitely an erotic page-turner. The reader skims breathlessly from adventure to sexual episode to love to loss to historical backdrop back to adventure and more sexual episodes. If you like historical fiction, you will love this book. My only caveat is that the sexual relationships are 90% male-female. My only warning is that if you don’t want to read about heterosexual sex, this is not your book. However, there are some really hot m/m scenes, several varieties of menage, as well as f/f encounters scattered throughout, and even the m/f encounters are very explicit and varied. It really is like a fruitcake: you never know quite what to expect in the next bite.

Reviewed by Carole

- May 2008 Euroreviews

Habu weaves an intricate tale of numerous larger than life characters all demanding their share of the reader's attention in Raven's Possession. This well researched and superbly written saga brings you into an erotic world from where there's no turning back. Give in to the passion. Raven's Possession is a must read.

- Dark Angels Reviews

Author habu (pseudonym for a mainstream writer) demonstrates a particular gift for winning the reader’s attention immediately while weaving a complicated plot with numerous main and secondary characters swimming in a sea of erotic stimulation and suspense buildup. Each habu novel is an exercise in rapid page turning, and RAVEN POSSESSION is quite the example. This is a novel the reader won’t wish to see end. This story is an effective juggling act of characters, but the author never loses sight of the goal nor of the individual personalities involved. A truly successful interweaving of plot, theme, and story threads makes RAVEN POSSESSION a quality novel well worth the perusal. Caution, reader: once you open the first page, you’re hooked!

A particularly skillful rendering of character is that of Ada, who is richly delineated. This woman has depths unexpected in most historical novels, and the author peels her character layer by layer while simultaneously demonstrating her personal evolution. Although Ada’s life from early young adulthood on is rampant with various premarital and extramarital excursions, and in some quarters her behavior would be labeled highly promiscuous, Ada is not revealed as a victim nor a survivor, but rather as a woman who “initiates” life. She chooses, then acts, and is not a character who needs to elicit our sympathy. Another main character, famous author J. H. Kincaid, is sympathetic as a youngster but soon grows to be a strong-willed and self-referential man, intending to possess Ada for his own need to control.


Across the Threshold - Dec 08 Rainbow Reviews

"[This anthology] was oddly compelling. It was dark. But above all, it was liberating. No matter how dark the scenario, you have a feeling of new understanding, new possibilities, new acceptance on the part of the protagonist. Sometimes the end of the story is predictable, more often it is not.

"Reading Across the Threshold was an experience I found oddly addictive. Even though it is a relatively long book at 379 pages, like chocolate, it was never boring, and I was sorry to get to the end."

Reviewed by Carole

Death on the Rhine - Rainbow Reviews

"An astonishing opening rockets the reader straight into the heart of this very intense novel…a truly nonstop rocket…with sexual adventures that never end…Not for the faint of heart…still a fascinating, explicit, suspense-laden mystery which will keep the reader flipping the pages with caught breath."

Reviewed by Frosts Fancy

Angel in the Barn - Dark Angels Reviews

Shabbu is a collaborative anthology of prolific Gay authors Sabb of Australia and habu of the U.S. The two were given the premise of an angel in a barn window, a shared key phrase, and an incomplete suicide attempt, and asked to pen a short story containing these elements. The result is the two stories contained in ANGEL IN THE BARN, and demonstrates how two writers can approach a similar premise with exciting, yet completely different consequences. Sabb's version is highly romantic in more than one sense, as both the narrator and the subject are romance novel authors, and his narrator quickly becomes romantically involved with the barn's inhabitant. Habu's story, in keeping with his usual writing style, is abrupt, harsh, and in-your-face. Sensitive readers may find the sexual brutishness in the Habu story perturbing.  

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